Chronic Pain Video

Secrets to CRUSH Chronic Pain with Muscle & Bone Hacks with Dr. John Jaquish (️Warning: Language!)

* Calling all Chiros, PTs, and Gym Hybrid Heroes!**

Dr. John Jaquish returns to Clinic Gym Radio, and this time, things are about to get FIERY (Seriously, language warning!). We’re diving deep into the muscle-bone connection and how to weaponize it against chronic pain.

Get ready to:

✅ Unleash the beast within: Doc J reveals the hidden potential of your musculoskeletal system to absorb forces and crush pain.
✅ Nix the meds, fire up the gains: Ditch the addictive painkillers and build a pain-proof body with targeted muscle growth and bone density hacks.
✅ Osteoporosis? Psh, meet your match: Discover how Doc J’s X3 device and OsteoStrong program conquer osteoporosis and boost bone health.
✅ Pain management secrets revealed: Learn Doc J’s controversial (but effective) strategies for managing pain, including surprising truths about sugar, inflammation, and the pharmaceutical industry’s dirty secrets.

This ain’t your mama’s pain management seminar! Doc J is pulling no punches, sharing raw, unfiltered insights that will challenge your assumptions and equip you with the tools to slay chronic pain for good.

But be warned: This episode is not for the faint of heart. Doc J’s passion can get a little… spicy . So grab your headphones, find a safe space (the kids might not want to hear this one!), and get ready to take your pain management to the next level.

**Let’s get fired up! **

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