Chronic Pain Video

Secrets of the Shoulder Episode 3: Chronic Pain Myofascial and Structural work ASMR with Dr. Russ

Our patient Skip has a chronic issue in the left shoulder related to an old injury and some underlying systemic inflammatory issues. In this video, I demonstrate how to assess and treat a chronic shoulder issue with myofascial release and chiropractic structural work.

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In Skip’s case, we found a strong adhesion in the teres major and latissimus, deconditioning of the teres minor, trigger points in the triceps and upper trap, and firm restriction in all of the shoulder joints. The main issue seemed to be at the coracoacromial arch, and I demonstrate a release of that region.

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Dr. David Russ
Portland, OR

Anatomical images are in the public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Intro and assessment 0:00
Sidelying assessment of the musculature 3:50
Teres minor and infraspinatus muscle tests 8:00
Sternum, clavicle, and coracoacromial arch assessment 9:56
Axilla palpation 11:25
Myofascial release posterior shoulder and axilla (armpit) 12:10
Clavicle and acromion adjustment 15:40
Triceps trigger point release 17:56
Cervical adjustment 20:20