Chronic Pain Video

S3 EP5: The Blessings and Sadness of Chronic Illness with Erica Johansen


Do you have small children fighting for their life?
Do you struggle with health complications, or do your children struggle with health complications?
Have you ever felt helpless in pain, suffered in silence, and wished you’d wake up from a bad dream?
This is Erica Johansen’s reality. Her infant son had brain cancer and has had 3 surgeries just to repair the damage from cancer and strokes. There are other complications she is faced with as well and she dives deep into what her family deals with every day.
In this episode, Host Nancy Becher and her guest, Erica Johansen, talk about stigma and discrimination, caregiver fatigue, and patient and care advocacy. This heartfelt episode will pull on your heart strings as you hear about a little boy facing so many complications and a mother’s fight to keep her world together.
As a recognized speaker for national events such as HCIC and HIMSS conferences, Erica covers topics including patient engagement, patient experience, caregiver support, and how to leverage social media as a thought leader. She has also served as a board member for organizations including DFW HIMSS and Social Media Dallas.
Additionally, Erica is a dedicated philanthropist and community leader. She completed the Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy program through the Communities Texas Foundation in 2019, maintains her partnership with Social Venture Partners Dallas, and recently launched a non-profit, August’s Artists, to provide hospitalized children and their families with access to coloring materials and artwork that inspires healing.
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