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Ruqyah Cure For Body Pain Relief, Leg Pain, Joint Pain, Back Neck Pain & Pain Anywhere In The Body.

The Most Effective and Powerful Al Quran Ruqyah Shariah Cure For Body Pain Relief, Leg Pain, Joint Pain, Back Neck Pain & Pain Anywhere In The Body. This Ruqyah Is Very Powerful Against Pain And Illness. The Patient Should Listen to It Daily for 3 Months Regularly in Sha Allah All Problems Will Go Away.
Everyday Ruqya Raqi-Reciter: Hafiz Juber Umari.

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1. Ruqyah For Pain – Very Effective Ruqya To Get Rid Of Pain Everywhere In Your Body.
2. Ruqyah For Head, Neck Shoulder, & Back Pain Due To Jinn, Evil Eye, Envy And Magic.
3. Al Quran Ruqyah To Remove All Types Of Diseases, Sickness, And Pain.
4. Ruqyah For All Types Of Serious Curable & Incurable Diseases, Infections, And Illness.
5. Ruqyah For Sleeping Problems, Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Mental Health And Peace.

Allah جل جلاله Says: “And Say: The Truth Has Come, and Falsehood Has Vanished. Surely Falsehood is Ever Bound to Vanish by Its Very Nature. And We Send Down in the Qur’ān That Which is a Cure and a Mercy for the Believers.” (17:81-2)

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Ruqyah is a Spiritual Healing Practice in Islam Performed by Reciting Verses From the Quran and Supplications Derived From the Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This Practice is Believed to Cure Various Physical and Mental Illnesses and Protect Oneself From Supernatural Entities, Jinn, Sihir, Evil Eye or Magic. This Guide to Ruqyah Encompasses Essential Steps and Principles to Correctly Perform Ruqyah.

Rules of listening Ruqya:
Part 1: Understanding Ruqyah in Islam
Ruqyah, derived from Arabic, means to recite or implore. In the context of Islam, ruqyah is a spiritual healing effort involving the recitation of Qur’anic verses and specific supplications. Its primary objective is to seek Allah’s assistance in warding off supernatural disturbances or illnesses that cannot be explained medically.

Part 2: Principles of Ruqyah:
A. Pure Intentions: Ruqyah must be conducted with sincere and pure intentions, solely seeking Allah’s pleasure and requesting healing from Him.
B. Utilizing the Qur’an and Sunnah: Authentic ruqyah involves using Qur’anic verses and supplications taught by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Emphasis is placed on reciting with proper pronunciation and intonation.
C. Complete Trust in Allah: It is crucial to understand that the power of ruqyah comes from Allah. Full trust in Him serves as the fundamental basis for practicing ruqyah.

Part 3: Steps of Ruqyah:
A. Preparation for Ruqyah: Cleanse oneself and the surrounding environment from anything inconsistent with Islamic norms. Intend to engage in ruqyah with determination and unwavering faith.
B. Choosing the Right Time: Specific times are recommended for performing ruqyah, such as after obligatory prayers or during blessed periods.
C. Reciting Specific Verses and Supplications: Recite Qur’anic verses related to healing, such as Ayat Al-Kursi, Al-Fatihah, and specific chapters. Include supplications taught by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
D. Reciting with Devotion and Sincerity: Recite verses and supplications with complete devotion and sincerity. Focus the heart on Allah, believing that ruqyah is a means He has provided for healing.

Part 4: Post-Ruqyah Protection:
After completing ruqyah, it is essential to take additional protective measures. Recite protective supplications like Ayat Al-Kursi and continue strengthening faith through virtuous deeds.

Ruqyah is a recommended practice in Islam for seeking healing from various spiritual ailments. By following the correct guidelines, one can perform ruqyah with confidence and hope in Allah’s assistance. Maintain a focus on faith, sincere intentions, and obedience to Islamic teachings in every step of ruqyah. #Ruqyah #QuranRuqyah #RuqyahShariah #RuqyahQuran #Ruqya #Quran #alquranruqya

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