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Rewiring the Brain for Chronic Pain Management: A Deep Dive with Dr. Karen Cureton

In this episode of the Pain Free for Life podcast, Dr. Rob Vanbergen engages in a fascinating conversation with Dr. Karen Cureton, a naturopathic physician and co-developer of the Wired for Wellness program. Dr. Rob’s and Dr. Karen’s journey begins by understanding the transition from acute to chronic pain and how our brain rewires itself in this process. Together, they’ll explore the deep-seated roles that our emotional networks and fight or flight responses play in fostering chronic pain and how addressing fears and anxieties can be pivotal in its management. Also, they scrutinize the relationship between chronic pain and the brain, revealing how frequently chronic pain morphs into a brain habit rather than remaining a response to physical injury. Discover how our behavioral responses can amplify the pain and learn practical ways to rewire your brain to alleviate it.

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