Chronic Pain Video

relieve chronic health/pain/illness (UPDATED + READ DESC)

***Disclaimer: I am not trying to glorify chronic health illnesses, chronic pain, or anything of the sort. This is only for people who currently have these conditions or experience symptoms. I’m making this because I noticed that there are not a lot of subliminals about this topic. I truly want to help people decrease their symptoms since there isn’t a cure for them, yet.***

benefits/affs: (pinned)

100% safe (never bad affirmations)
– unisex (all subliminals that i make are unisex until further notice)
– desired results
– don’t speed up
– listen as many times you want
– lgbtq+/poc/ religion friendly
– can be bundled

tips (credited to kapelsu):
– drink lots of water
– listen to a powerful booster beforehand
– use law of attraction
– meditate and visualise whilst listening
– believe that you will get results
– act like you already achieved your results
– only look in the mirror one day after listening
– be patient, the results are coming your way 🙂