Chronic Pain Video

Relieve Chronic Headaches and Neck Pain #relief #neckpain #chronicpain

Chin Tuck
1. Sit or stand up straight with your shoulders relaxed.
2. Keep your eyes facing forward.
3. Gently glide your chin backward, as if you’re trying to create a “double chin.”
4. Imagine that you’re trying to make the back of your neck longer.
5. Hold the position for a few seconds, aiming for a gentle stretch in the front of your neck.
6. Slowly release the chin tuck and return to the starting position.

Foam Roller Neck Release
1. Setup: Place a foam roller on the ground horizontally. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet flat. Position the foam roller under your upper back and neck so that your head is resting gently on the foam roller, and your neck is supported.
2. Chin Tuck: Gently tuck your chin towards your chest, creating a “double chin.” This action lengthens the back of your neck and stretches the front of your neck.
3. Head Rotation: Keeping the chin tuck, slowly and smoothly rotate your head to one side. Aim to bring your ear towards your shoulder without lifting your head off the foam roller. Only go as far as is comfortable and without strain.
4. Pause and Breathe: When you feel a gentle stretch along the side of your neck, pause for a few seconds and take deep breaths. This helps your muscles relax and promotes the release of tension.
5. Rotate to the Other Side: After the pause, gently rotate your head to the other side, allowing your ear to move towards the opposite shoulder.
6. Repeat: Continue rotating your head side to side while maintaining the chin tuck for several repetitions. Keep the movement slow and controlled.
7. End the Exercise: Once you’ve completed the desired repetitions, gradually lift your head off the foam roller. Roll to the side to get up.