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Relief From Chronic Vertebrogenic Low Back Pain Treatment

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Official SUPMOGO Video: Relief From Chronic Vertebrogenic Low Back Pain Treatment

Vertebrogenic back pain is initiated in the lower back region due to disturbance activity in the vertebral endplates. An MRI is used to diagnose this pain and several treatment approaches are available to help you feel better.

Vertebrogenic low back pain definition is primarily a sharp and continuous pain in the lower back region that persists for a long time.

This pain occurs when your vertebral endplates get disturbed, weakened, or damaged. These endplates are present between the vertebral body and the discs–providing strength, protecting discs, and making a strong barrier between both to prevent fracture.

(Vertebral Endplates – Vertebral endplates are the transition region where your vertebral body and intervertebral disc interface.)

After understanding what is vertebrogenic low back pain and the treatments given, you might be looking out for treatment options that are easy to use and convenient.

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✅ Boosts Metabolism Burning More Calories

*Lactic acid is known for causing muscle soreness and spasms.

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