Chronic Pain Video

Relief From Chronic Pain and Illness

Dr. Lonnie Herman, an expert in relief from chronic pain and illness. Dr. Herman has developed a rapid health restoration system that is proving to be effective and safe for treating various chronic ailments and autoimmune diseases. In this episode, Dr. Herman shares some fascinating success stories of individuals who have experienced remarkable improvements in their conditions, such as asthma, allergies, brain fog, celiac disease, bladder incontinence, migraines, and even multiple sclerosis. We dive deep into the importance of identifying and addressing the root causes of diseases, as well as eliminating disease-causing infections and toxins from the body.

Dr. Herman’s journey in healthcare started as a chiropractor, driven by his mother’s encouragement to work for himself and have his own business. Today, he sees one to two patients per day, many of whom are desperate to begin treatment immediately. He discusses the protocol period of 3-4 months, followed by scheduled follow-up visits to monitor progress.

We also explore some thought-provoking topics, like the potential effects of numbing chemicals used during dental procedures on dopamine production in the brain. Dr. Herman sheds light on the long-lasting effects of anesthesia chemicals and delves into the presence of harmful chemicals in our environment and their impact on our wellbeing.

Additionally, we hear about a powerful case where a patient’s life was transformed after being diagnosed with a new virus and exposed to harmful chemicals. With the help of Dr. Herman’s customized protocol, this patient experienced significant improvements in their overall health and wellbeing. The challenges of finding effective treatments for diseases like Parkinson’s are another topic on today’s episode. Dr. Herman shares his frustration with the medical system and his dedication to finding alternative approaches based on extensive research.

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