Chronic Pain Video

Relaxing Yoga for Chronic Pain & Mood Boost l Yin Yoga Therapy (30 MIN)

If you’re dealing with chronic pain and need some relief, you’re in the right place. Join me for a relaxing Yin Yoga therapy session that’s all about mood-boosting relaxation and release through the hips and back.

In this class, we’ll explore gentle yin poses which will be help for ~3 minutes each. This allows ample time to settle into the pose and facilitates release of the fascia– the thin layer of connective tissue which weaves around and connects every part of the body. The fascia also has a direct relationship with the nervous system and is where excess emotional energy can be stored. This is why releasing this practice can help regulate the nervous system and improve mood.

Through this practice, take modifications as needed and listen to your body. Set the intention to try to stay mindfully aware and use the breath as a tool to anchor your focus when the mind becomes busy.

Thank you for practicing with me! Subscribe to my channel for more therapeutic yoga sessions and other content. Share this video with friends who might benefit, and leave a comment below to share your experiences and questions. I always love to hear from you guys. 🙂

0:00 Class Intro
0:29 Disclaimer
0:35 Class Start- Mindful Check-In
3:30 Butterfly Pose
7:17 Single Leg Butterfly Side Bend
12:20 Rebound
13:30 Caterpillar Pose (Seated Head-to-Toe Forward Fold)
17:00 Rebound
18:15 Sphinx/Seal Pose
21:40 Rebound
22:40 Lying Spinal Twist
29:00 Savasana
33:15 Closing Breaths & Gratitude

Please, always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen or diet.