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Reiki master to Shamboo Barber | Head massage | Tok-Sen Pain Relief Treatment | ASMR

This Video I filmed some days back. Shamboo barber told me that he was feeling little pain in his head and neck area , So he said, how wonderful if takes the massages like us. I said dont know about the regular one but yes today you will take massage for us. And our viewers will also feel happy to see you taking massage. He was really so happy and I felt so sad for every barber that they start their work from early in the morning with a smile face to relax and groom us but at the same time they also feel tired but there is no one to listen their pain. That’s why I gave my chair to barbers to make them happy . Shamboo always tried his best and creat new ideas for more interesting massages and always wonder us with his skills. He always read the comments of his videos and where he didn’t understand the typical english, he asked me and once I saw that someone make joke of his medical condition. So I request you to donot make any joke on his medical issues and give your honest and appreciating comments.

Please keep your self safe from Covid 19 and stay healthy. Here now a days our city is Corona free and government took initiative to prevent it. I can make videos without risk but dont worry about me, as if I look any risk , I will stop visiting to the barbershop.
From yesterday till now I distributed sanitizers and towels to 20 barbers and aware them from Covid 19 .
Goodnight everyone.
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