Pain Management Video

Reiki for Pain Relief

Pain is a manifestation of emotions that are trapped in the body. The location of the pain tells us what is the root cause, the problem or issue.

The pain is the symptoms of the energy blockage in the body and represents what the issue is about.

For example, chest pain, heart problems, high blood pressure are issues connected to the heart. The pain is trying to signal to us where in our life are we being unforgiving? Who are we forgiving towards? Are we having hatred for someone or something?

Another example is leg or knee cap issues, unable to walk, arthritis. Is there anything in life that you feel are holding you back? What is holding you back from moving forward? Are you allowing the ego to take control of your mind? Or do you choose to allow the higher consciousness to guide you in your life? These are questions that we can meditate upon or ask ourselves for answers to come through.

Hope this Reiki video will help you to release and relief the pain.

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