Pain Management Video

Redefining pain management: Inside Affa Sair’s innovative approach | ALLIANCE Impact Visits

Affa Sair, meaning “very sore” in Scottish, offers solace in shared experiences. Originally a platform for venting, it has evolved into Scotland’s pioneering scheme for chronic pain. Through referrals from GPs for social prescribing, individuals connect offline and online, finding respite in hydrotherapy, art therapies, and innovative collaborations with institutions like the Glasgow School of Art. In a region marked by sparse infrastructure, this initiative breathes life into communities, easing the burden of pain through connection and holistic approaches.

As part of the ‘Our Voice, Our Rights, Our Future’ ALLIANCE Annual Conference 2024, we visited 4 such organisations to highlight that delivery towards the future change is going on all around us.

From Edinburgh to Stornoway, witness firsthand the transformative work being done by organisations like NKS, LTCH, Macaulay College, and Affa Sair. Through interviews and on-site footage, delve into the challenges faced and the remarkable solutions implemented to foster change and improve lives. Join us as we explore the power of community, resilience, and innovation in shaping a brighter future for individuals and communities across Scotland.