Chronic Pain Video

RECOVER WRIST INJURY or chronic pain – Yoga Clinic

Welcome to the Yoga Clinic!
Today we cover one of the most common yoga and bodyweight movement injury: the wrist – and how to heal. I will tell you upfront: there’s no shortcut to healing! But with consistency and a lot of patience you can most likely get rid of your chronic pain.
As usual, if you understand the mechanism and the limitations, the correct alignment and muscle activity will save you lots of suffering.

If you’re a yoga teacher, this should give you a good idea of how to approach your teaching and the next student with a wrist injury. Think of it as continuing education. Again, I get so many questions about this one!

This is not a one fits all approach! Please be mindful and if you have any doubts please talk to the doctor you trust.

0:00 Intro + Disclaimer
0:19 The 3 Steps to Recovery
00:37 Accept The Pain
01:23 Work Around It
02:29 Patience
03:34 Pre-/Post Stretches
04:36 Application In Practice
05:25 Create Space – Decompress
07:34 Active Stretches
09:48 Myofascial Release

Take care,
and: be patient. Slow and steady wins the race!

Recorded at the beautiful Shala of Ubud Yoga Centre Bali.