Chronic Pain Video

Rebuilding Trust With Your Body, Chronic Illness, and Womb Work with Jenn Mason πŸ’›

Episode 28 of The Sacred Leadership Podcast πŸ’›

When you deal with chronic pain, the path to healing can feel impossible. Our guest today inspires us to unravel the stories and opinions of others while learning how to rebuild trust within our bodies. After facing chronic infections and being told she would never sustain a pregnancy, Jenn Mason started to dive into her pain instead of avoiding it. By implementing mindfulness practices, her chronic infections started to disappear and she became a mother of two. Now as a board-certified health and wellness coach, she helps others establish well-being practices to bring greater calm, clarity, and confidence in their lives. Listen in as Jenn shares her ancestral wisdom around womb healing & ceremonial cacao, and gives us practical self-care tips that are especially helpful for coaches, therapists, healers, and caregivers.

If you’ve ever dealt with chronic pain, pregnancy loss, or a traumatic diagnosis, this episode will help you feel less alone. Both Amber and Jenn know how isolating and discouraging these issues can be – and they are here to remind you that no matter what others have told you, you ultimately get to decide what is true for you πŸ’•

Content warning: physical illness, miscarriage, sexual assault

We talk about:
πŸ’› Living with a chronic illness
πŸ’› Using mindfulness, hypnosis, visualization, breathwork and meditation
πŸ’› The importance of empathy in healthcare
πŸ’› Reconnecting with your body
πŸ’› The benefits of ceremonial cacao
πŸ’› The impact of tight pelvic floor muscles
πŸ’› Maya abdominal massage
πŸ’› Generational trauma & releasing trauma from the body
πŸ’› Practical self-care tips

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