Chronic Pain Video

Re-Train Your Brain to Reach WITHOUT Pain!

A Mini Movement Lesson to Re-Train Your Brain to Reach WITHOUT Pain with Leanne Scott, Neurological Movement Therapist, of the MOVE Smarter Exercise Program!

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If you want to Decrease Shoulder Pain while Increasing your Reach Range of Motion – Move Smarter can help!!!

This Mini Movement Lesson demonstrates how we believe the REST (or ALL) of your body/skeleton/muscles SHOULD be participating in the movement of Reaching – NOT just your Shoulders!

Unlike other exercise programs, MOVE Smarter thinks of ALL Movements as WHOLE BODY MOVEMENTS! We DON’T Isolate. Allowing daily movements, like Reaching, to become more Free, Luxurious and PAIN-FREE.

We Even suggest you allow your belly to be FREE – it actually makes Reaching EASIER!!!

It’s just common sense…if there’s “more of you” participating in daily functional movements, then it will become easier and more fluid!

Feel free to try this lesson Slowly, Paying Attention to what parts of you are participating and what parts might not automatically participate. Don’t Strain in any way or try for the Biggest range of movement possible… Instead, look for HOW EASILY you can do this exercise!

We are looking for QUALITY OF MOVEMENT, not just quantity. Funnily enough though, when you CAN do a Movement WELL, you usually can go farther?!?! 😀

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All of the exercises are designed by our Therapists through our Neurological Movement Clinic – MOVE Therapies!

These Exercises are designed for people of ANY age, ANY level of ability and anyone looking to DECREASE Chronic Pain while INCREASING Mobility!

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