Chronic Pain Video

Random Rant 11-5-2023 #cpp #Chronicpain #opioids #DULF #Anarchism #Nihilism

The video was originally over an hour long and thus was sped up by 50% to shorten down to only 40 minutes. If you use YouTubes playback speed and slow it down by one to three notches you will see it how it was originally recorded.
All your favorite social media political influencers…I mean commentators that make content that you pay them to do on their Patreon accounts or supper chat. You are literally paying them to sit in front of a camera with a microphone and spew their opinions at you. Really you are paying them to tell you want to think; it’s called tribalism.
Seriously, F**k the system
Anarchists, Nihilists and existentialists are the least judgmental people you will ever know.
Libertarian Socialists rule, authoritarians drool

Intro: We Want it Dark by Jinks
Outro: We Want it Dark by Jinks
Background music: Wreckage album name Crawling From The Wreckage