Chronic Pain Video

PRRT™ Seminar Shorts: Treating Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain Post-Injury

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Join us in this insightful video as we delve into the world of Primal Reflex Release Technique™ (PRRT) with its creator, John Iams. Witness firsthand as John treats an attendee suffering from chronic right-side neck and shoulder pain stemming from a past injury—a broken collarbone due to a fall.

In this Combined Level 1 & 2 Seminar session, John showcases the intricacies of PRRT by demonstrating how certain injuries, such as a broken collarbone, can lead to unexpected upper thoracic spine involvement and subsequent chronic pain.

Through his expertise and unique approach, John guides viewers through the assessment and treatment process, shedding light on how PRRT can effectively address not only the immediate symptoms but also the underlying issues contributing to persistent discomfort.

Discover the power of Primal Reflex Release Technique™ as John Iams shares his knowledge and techniques, providing valuable insights into managing and alleviating chronic pain post-injury. Don’t miss out on this educational and enlightening journey towards relief and healing. Watch now!

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