Chronic Pain Video

Progressive Muscle Relaxation | Subliminal Affirmations for Pain Management & Chronic Pain

This is a meditation for subliminal affirmations for progressive muscle relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation is a relaxation technique that is used to reduce pain and tension.

By listening to these simple, effective affirmations daily, you can easily achieve progressive muscle relaxation. These affirmations are especially useful for pain management, and can help you to manifest your desires more easily. Give these affirmations a try and see how they can help you to relax and reduce tension fast.


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It is important to acknowledge that the content on my channel is not intended to replace any medical treatment you may be undergoing. It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional when needed.


Affirmations featured in this video:

I am letting go of tension, allowing my muscles to unwind and relax.

With each breath, I release the tightness in my muscles, creating space for tranquility.

I am surrendering to the soothing rhythm of my breath, releasing tension from my body.

As I exhale, I release any knots or discomfort stored in my muscles.
My muscles are becoming loose and free, letting go of stress with every breath.

I invite calmness to flow through my muscles, releasing any tightness or tension.

I am aware of tension leaving my body, making room for peace and relaxation.

With each breath, I release the hold of stress, allowing my muscles to soften.

I am creating a sense of ease and lightness as I let go of muscle tension.
The more I relax, the more my muscles release and embrace a state of calm.

I breathe in relaxation, and as I exhale, I release tension from every muscle.

My body is a vessel of relaxation, and I let go of any resistance in my muscles.

I am consciously releasing tension, feeling my muscles respond with gentle relaxation.

With each breath, I am unwinding and releasing any tightness in my muscles.

I allow a sense of tranquility to wash over me, melting away muscle tension.

As I relax, I release tension from my muscles, creating a space for peace.
I am sending signals of relaxation to every muscle, allowing them to let go.

I invite a deep sense of ease into my muscles, releasing any held tension.
I am in tune with my body, and I release tension with each breath I take.
My muscles are becoming softer and more supple as I embrace a state of relaxation.

I am cultivating a sense of calmness, allowing my muscles to unwind effortlessly.

With every breath, I am creating a peaceful space within, releasing tension from my muscles.

I let go of muscle tightness, inviting a gentle flow of relaxation throughout my body.

I am giving my muscles the gift of relaxation, letting go of any stress or strain.

As I breathe deeply, I release tension, and my muscles respond with a deep sense of ease.

I am opening up to the natural flow of relaxation, freeing my muscles from any constriction.

With each exhale, I release the grip of tension, allowing my muscles to soften and relax.

I am embracing a state of calmness, and my muscles are following suit, letting go of tension.

I am attuning my body to a state of peace, letting tension dissolve from my muscles.
I release any holding or tightness in my muscles, creating a space for tranquility to enter.