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Precedents in chronic pain elimination. ANSSR 4 of 4

ANSSR founder, Andrew Arneson, discusses medical and social precedents for his ANSSR therapy, namely the methods of Dr. Robert Fulford and Dr. John Sarno, who were able to access the phenomenon of autonomic nervous system self-regulation with their own methods. They were also social precedents due to the fact that their results sounded “too good to be true” to doctors as well as laypeople. Recommended videos below.

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Dr. Fulford:

Dr. Weil discusses Dr. Fulford (skip to 22:58):

Dr. Weil documentary on Dr. Fulford:

Remembering Dr. Fulford:

Dr. Sarno:

20/20 segment:

Baltimore news segment—Back pain a mental problem?

Important statement regarding pain management industry: