Chronic Pain Video

Physiotherapist talks about Chronic Pain Mechanisms and “Treatment Concepts”

Physiotherapist talks about Chronic Pain Mechanisms and Treatment Concepts.
Acupuncture Pen for Chronic pain:

Physiotherapist tells how acupuncture pen is helping to reduce chronic pain.
Acupuncture pen has been shown to be an effective treatment for reducing chronic pain. The device uses a thin needle that is inserted into the skin and manipulated in order to release tension or blockages in the body’s energy pathways.
The physiotherapist believes that the acupuncture pen can help to break the cycle of chronic pain by releasing trapped energy and allowing the individual to heal more quickly.
The acupuncture pen can be used on both acute and chronic pain, and is often recommended as a first line of treatment when other treatments have failed.

Expert Lecture on the use of Acupuncture For Chronic Pain – Part 2