Chronic Pain Video

Physical Activity with Chronic Illness and Disability – Sarah Evans

Physical Activity with chronic illness and disability. What is it and how do I start?
Staying active regularly is essential for both physical and mental health and can be a useful tool for everyone. Physical activity, fitness, strength training, hydrotherapy, all the different words we can use to describe what in essence is moving more and sitting still less, can be daunting. While this can be more challenging for individuals with chronic disease or disability, even small changes can have significant positive impacts for everyone.

This presentation outlines what physical activity is in its simplest form, and the numerous different forms it can take. It goes over the physical benefits, including the positive effects on metabolic syndrome, the mental benefits such as improving self-esteem and cognitive function and how physical activity plays a role in our overall feeling of wellbeing.

Sarah also goes through many common barriers to increasing physical activity. As well as discussing some simple and creative ways you can increase physical activity and additionally decrease sedentary behaviours. This session will also incorporate a Q&A component for the audience to help with finding ways they can become more physically active.