Chronic Pain Video

Paul and Jerry’s Demonstration Device Explains Chronic Pain and ways to Recover. Start now!

This video is based not only on what is found in the recourses listed below, but also on our experience in running 5 Chronic Pain Recovery Studies and finding out what works and what doesn’t. These studies are continuing via ZOOM. If you would like to apply for inclusion in a future study you can get more information and a link to an application by writing to

Resources discussed in this video
1. The Way Out, by Alan Gordon and Alon Ziv.
2. the CalmStone,
3. The Explain Pain Handbook, Protectometer, by Lorimer Mosely and David Butler
4. Visualization Diagram of “pain in your brain shrinking”
5. UnLearn Your Pain, by Howard Schubiner, MD, with Michael Betzold
6. YouTube Chronic Pain Science Channel
7. Hansma Lab website

If you would like to see a popular 1 hour long talk, try the playlist titled “How to Overcome Chronic Pain” on the YouTube Chronic Pain Science Channel:

If you would like a more in depth treatment with lots of references to original research, try the playlist titled Chronic Pain Relief 1,2,3 also on the YouTube Chronic Pain Science Channel.