Chronic Pain Video

Part 2 of Central Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Chronic pain. Neuropathic. Central Sensitization

0:00 Introduction. Why I needed to make this video: Part 2 of Central Pain Syndrome.
1:44 Oh, the many terms for CPS.
4:52 Chronic Pain Syndrome (not to mistake it for Central Pain Syndrome).
6:42 Back to CPS and what it is. Physical and mental.
10:04 The difference between neuropathic and centralized Central Pain Syndrome.
11:45 Ending of part 2. Gentle hugs and support. Love you. Thank you!
Enjoy a Christmas song from YouTube at the end!
I am a psychologist and my passion concerns EVERYTHING fibromyalgia. I have a Ph.D. in General Psychology with a focus on cognition and instruction. My dissertation involved self-presentations, fibromyalgia, and online support groups. I also have fibromyalgia and share information about this chronic illness. I have a Christian perspective in all that I do and find that kindness, compassion, and love is what it’s all about.
Thank you for watching! Love you!
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Music credit: Quincas Moreira- Carol of the Bells. YouTube music.