Pain Management Video

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Ayurveda is known for its unique methods of treatments, healthy lifestyle and positive diet regimens. Injuries and pain are the most common ailment in day to day life. Some people prefer to take pain killer pills to get relief from the pain. Pain killers may cause harm to the body, whereas Ayurveda offers the harmless methods for pain relief. Swedana or fomentation is one of the methods for pain management.

There are a number of fomentation methods mentioned in Ayurveda. Patra Pind Sweda is one among such methods. Patra = medicated leaves, Pind = bolus and Sweda = fomentation.

Freshly collected Vata alleviating leaves are collected and chopped to make a bolus out of it, using a piece of cloth. Of course, there is a specific method and procedure to prepare it. This bolus is used for fomentation in specific manner for affected part or whole body. Patra Pind Sweda improves the blood circulation to the affected part, dilates the blood vessels, pacify the Vata and thus relive the pain and stiffness. This method is really helpful in Back pain, Arthritis, Cervical pain, Sciatica, Muscular pain, Sprains etc.

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