Chronic Pain Video

Pain to Power: Navigating Life with Chronic Pain – A Live Chat | March 13th

🎙️ Join us TONIGHT (Wednesday March 13th, 2024) 8pm EST at for a special LIVE episode of The Friend Leigh Show! Tonight is our Champagne Episode!! Is that even a thing? It’s our 13th episode on the 13th! Anyway, in this live chat we are diving into a topic that affects so many: living with chronic pain.

💪 Whether you’re navigating your own journey or supporting a loved one, this episode is for YOU. Let’s come together as a community to share experiences, offer support, and explore strategies for resilience.

Don’t miss out on this empowering conversation! Tune in tonight and let’s tackle chronic pain together.

Please share this with your friend who struggles with pain so they know they aren’t the only one!

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