Chronic Pain Video

Pain Scientist Lorimer Moseley on 2020 Pain Revolution Tour

“Pain Revolution is a movement charged with changing how people understand pain in rural and regional communities in Australia.

We’re providing support to local health professionals to become pain experts and spread the word in their community, and we’ll mentor and support them to do that.

Chronic pain is a huge burden that we can do something about, we know enough now about recovery and we can do something about it if we flip the way we think about and understand pain with a whole of community approach.

There are no quick fixes that we know about for pain, but the recovery journey is back on the table, and we’re supporting people all over Australia to take steps towards living well again.”

– Professor Lorimer Moseley

Join a Pain Education Seminar to learn some common myths about pain and explore scientific discoveries that tell us why some pains persist (and others don’t).