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Watsu or Water Shiatsu is a form of aquatic bodywork used for deep relaxation and passive aquatic therapy. Watsu is characterized by one-on-one sessions in which a practitioner or therapist gently cradles, moves, stretches, and massages a receiver in chest-deep warm water.

Technique: Watsu is performed in one-on-one pool sessions in chest-deep warm water. During a session, a provider (practitioner or therapist) gently cradles, moves, stretches, and massages a receiver (client or patient). A typical session consists of a progression of breath coordination, movement patterns in different positions, and massage. Movement patterns including gentle cradling and rocking, more dynamic stretching and mobilization, stillness, and specific mobilization techniques focused on the needs or condition of the receiver. A session may last anywhere from a few minutes to longer than an hour. During a session, the provider continually monitors the state of the receiver, mindful of subtle changes in muscle tension and respiration, and responsive to adapt the treatment accordingly. (From Wikipedia)

* It reduces anxiety and stress levels
* Well being feeling
* It improves sleeping quality
* Physical recovery after an intense training
* It reduces pain in general
* It improves the digestive system

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