Pain Management Video

Pain Management of lumbar spine pathology and best-practice physiotherapy – Webinar 3

Join Capital Health Network, together with Physiotherapists, Psychologists, specialist Pain and Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons, for an informative series of 6 webinars focusing on primary care management of common musculoskeletal conditions. Our third webinar in the series explores pain management of lumbar spine pathology and best-practice physiotherapy management.and more.
The webinar series will be accessible on the Capital Health Network YouTube page. Participants can self-report CPD hours to their education dashboard, earning 1.5 hours for each webinar.

Matthew Croger, Physiotherapist
Dr Romil Jain, Pain Physician

Disclaimer: “Please Note: The educational content presented in this video is based on information available up to [3rd June 2024]. As knowledge and understanding evolve over time, some of the information provided may become outdated or irrelevant in the future. Viewers are advised to verify and cross-reference any critical information with up-to-date sources. The intention of this video is to offer insights and knowledge as of its creation date and should not be relied upon as a substitute for current and accurate information. Always stay informed and seek professional advice where necessary.