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Pain-Free Living | Healing Conversations with Ani Papazyan | Eps 74

In today’s episode, we are talking about empowering your journey to pain-free living. Our guest, Ani Papazyan is a renowned pain resolution practitioner who is passionate about helping individuals find relief from chronic pain. With a holistic approach, Ani goes beyond just pain management and delves into the root causes of pain, considering factors such as emotional connections, energetic blockages, and even genetic predispositions. Through personalised treatment plans, Ani aims to empower individuals to live a pain-free life. In this episode, we’ll explore Ani’s unique approach, hear inspirational success stories, and learn practical techniques that you can implement in your daily life. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an enlightening and transformative conversation on pain resolution. Let’s dive in!

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More about Ani:
Ani Papazyan, a Pain Resolution Specialist with almost 3 decades of expertise, is dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their health and live pain-free. With a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and certifications in medical massage therapy, functional nutrition, and advanced translational nutrigenomics, Ani founded Last Stop 4 Pain.
She focuses on pain resolution, self-help techniques, education, and personalised lifestyle. Inspired by specialised training in advanced pain relief techniques, Ani developed the Precision Pain Resolution Method.
Her goal is to help people live pain-free lives and achieve their health goals, regardless of the challenges they face. Ani’s extensive experience and commitment to her craft have established her as a sought-after expert in pain relief.

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More about einav:
einav avni is an Energy Healer and an Empowerment Coach. She mainly works with people suffering from chronic pain, illness, or unexplained medical conditions to heal or reduce their symptoms. Einav also works with people on recognising the negative voice and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

In her coaching and healing, einav combines methods and techniques from the worlds of the Emotion and Body Codes, NLP, Evolutionary Coaching, Neuroscience and Buddhism, all allowing her to connect with her clients and audience on a deep level that can lead to complete healing profound transformations.

einav is a writer x5 (one co-authored book: ‘the power of Reinvention’ and 4 ebooks series titled ‘Invest in your Team’s Confidence and Empowerment).

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