Chronic Pain Video

Pain Free Comeback: Miriam’s Journey to Freedom from Chronic Pain

Meet Miriam, a Certified Mind-Body Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Coach, and co-founder of The Pain Free Comeback Program. In this powerful video, Miriam shares her personal journey of overcoming chronic pain and reclaiming her life. Once an avid rock climber, Miriam’s world was turned upside down by chronic shoulder pain, forcing her to abandon her beloved hobby and even her work. But through resilience and determination, Miriam found healing using the same mind-body principles she now teaches in the @painfreecomeback Program. Witness how Miriam not only regained her ability to climb but also reached new heights in her emotional well-being. Miriam’s story inspires and empowers those on their own path to recovery.

The Pain Free Comeback Program, designed by athletes Alec and Miriam for athletes, offers a groundbreaking mind-body approach. The Pain Free Comeback Program has empowered countless individuals to reclaim a pain-free life.

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