Chronic Pain Video

Pain Below Belly Button In Females | Chronic Pelvic Pain #women -Dr.H S Chandrika|Doctors’ Circle

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Pelvis is the organ which is there in this pelvic bone. So any lady who is having pelvic pain, she must be having some problem with the organs in the pelvis. What are the common organs in the pelvis? In female, it is mainly the uterus and by the sides of uterus it is fallopian tubes and we also have the ovaries. Other than the ovaries and uterus we have other organs of the abdomen which is present in men also commonest be the intestines. When I think of a woman having chronic pelvic pain, it can happen in any age right from puberty till her menopausal age, post menopausal age also. What are the causes of chronic pelvic pain? To know in detail, watch the video.