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Need advice while waiting to see doctor

This post originally appeared on Reddit: CRPS group.

Hello everyone! It was recommended to me by my ortho that I see a doctor about CRPS. I finally got a referral to a highly recommended pain management doctor at Wash U, but my appointment isn’t until July 2. I’ve done quite a bit of research and I’m fairly certain CRPS is what I’m dealing with, possibly since 2016. Most of my pain is in my left foot, centering on the outside of the foot, but sometimes affecting the arches and ankle as well. My right foot seems to be joining in the fun as well. I know it’s not severe yet after hearing many of your stories, but I’m trying to prevent it from getting that way.

Would anyone be willing to take a look at what I’m currently doing, and give some feedback?

-Daily PT for my feet/ankles, prescribed by a PT who is familiar with CRPS and is aware of the potential diagnosis

-Short walks each day. I was on crutches until last week and I’m working back up to longer walks.

-TENS therapy daily

-Contrast ice/heat therapy

-Compression socks, usually ankle socks

-Self-massage with essential oils and tennis ball

-Dicloflenac (NSAID) topical gel and oral Tylenol for pain

-Researching and planning to begin a keto diet

Are any of these a bad idea? Am I on the right track at all? I cannot take oral NSAIDS due to acid/ulcer issues. I’m also considering making an appointment with a pain management doctor near me ( I could likely get in sooner but his level of expertise would probably be lacking) just to get a diagnosis and possibly started on therapy/meds. Or should I just wait and see the highly recommended specialist in July?

Sorry for all of the questions. I’m so overwhelmed and it’s so frustrating that I have to wait so long to see the doctor.

This post originally appeared on Reddit: CRPS group.