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Navigating Pain Management and Holistic Health with Lisa Swanson- Ep 98: Too Young To Be Old

In this enlightening episode of the “Too Young To Be Old” podcast, hosted by the inimitable Diane Gilman, known to many as the queen of jeans, listeners are invited to explore the multifaceted world of pain management and holistic health. Diane, the proud author of “Too Young To Be Old” and a celebrated fashion icon, sits down with Lisa Swanson to delve deep into the challenges and triumphs of managing chronic pain, the evolution of telemedicine, and the importance of a holistic approach to health care.

Meet Lisa Swanson
Lisa Swanson, a distinguished expert in the field of pain management and orthopedic surgery, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation. Having begun her illustrious career at the Mayo Clinic and Yale School of Medicine, Lisa has earned numerous accolades for her contributions to improving patient care. Her insights into the complexities of pain, particularly in aging populations, are both profound and practical.

The Journey Through Pain
Diane and Lisa kick off the episode by discussing the pervasive issue of chronic pain, particularly as it relates to aging. Diane shares her personal struggles with severe arthritis and the impact of a congenital hip condition that has led to significant knee pain. This candid conversation sets the stage for a deeper exploration of how pain affects daily life and the various strategies available to manage it.

The Role of Telemedicine
One of the key topics of this episode is the advent of telemedicine and its transformative potential in the healthcare landscape. Lisa explains how virtual medical care, conducted via platforms similar to Zoom, allows patients to connect with their healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes. She highlights the benefits of this approach, including increased convenience, flexibility, and accessibility, particularly for those with mobility issues.

Holistic Health and Personalized Care
Lisa emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to health care. She advocates for a 360-degree model that includes not just medical treatment but also nutritional support, physical therapy, and mental health coaching. Diane echoes this sentiment, sharing her own frustrations with the often fragmented and impersonal nature of traditional medical care. Together, they discuss the need for more integrated and patient-centered approaches that address the whole person, not just isolated symptoms.

Challenges of Traditional Healthcare
Diane and Lisa delve into the systemic issues within traditional healthcare, such as the limited time doctors can spend with patients and the lack of communication between different healthcare providers. Diane recounts her experiences of feeling rushed and inadequately informed during medical appointments, a sentiment that resonates with many listeners. Lisa provides insights into how these challenges can be mitigated through better healthcare models and more comprehensive patient education.

The Future of Pain Management
The conversation takes a hopeful turn as Lisa discusses the future of pain management, including innovative treatments and strategies that go beyond traditional surgery. She highlights the potential of non-invasive treatments, anti-inflammatory diets, and personalized physical therapy programs. Diane shares her concerns about surgical options and her preference for holistic treatments, underscoring the importance of patient choice and informed decision-making.

Empowering Women in Health
A recurring theme in this episode is the empowerment of women in managing their health. Lisa and Diane discuss the biases that often exist in healthcare, where women’s symptoms are sometimes dismissed or underestimated. Lisa’s book, “Taking Care of You: The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Better Health,” is highlighted as a valuable resource for women seeking to advocate for themselves and navigate the healthcare system more effectively.

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