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Natural Pain Killers and Your Genetic Type

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Suffer with chronic pain? Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? If you suffer with chronic pain and the medications are not working you need to consider genetic factors affecting how you control inflammation. There are many factors that drive inflammation and pain that are never investigated such as ammonia clearance, oxalates. peroxidation, mast cell activation, excess glutamate, and slow epinephrine breakdown. These all can be factors causing chronic pain.

Genetics goes so much deeper than just MTHFR! MTHFR is only the Tip of the Iceberg.

There’s so much you haven’t been told yet. Knowing your MTHFR status, and concluding that you understand your all the pieces of the puzzle regarding your genetic story, is like reading the first chapter of the Harry Potter series, and saying you know how the entire series ends!

Did you know that you have a genetic type just like you have a blood type?

Most people who continuously suffer with chronic health issues realize that there are still missing pieces to their recovery puzzle.

Over the years working with adults and children with chronic health complaints and reviewing 1000’s of genetic reports, we realized that many with similar symptoms fall into similar specific groupings of genetic issues.

Genetics Unlocked

From this, the birth of Your Genetic Type came about. We have learned that there are 7 core genetic types, that once you understand, you will be able to control your biology and get results faster.

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