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This video will help many people that struggle with chronic lower back pain.

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If you complain about back pain for more than 30 days you are classed as a chronic pain patient! There are many reasons why your back pain could be hurting for such a long time:
First of all, you should look back and try to remember if you had one particular injury that caused all this pain that now doesn’t go away?
That could be clearly a sign of something broken, put out of position and a tear in your muscle, ligament or damage to the bone! If you can look back and remember that this back pain kind of got worse and worse over time, this means that is another type of injury, which is wear and tear, or prolong unhealthy use of your lower back.
It could be from long time driving, or doing physical work, or lifting heavy objects as part of your job, or sport, or it could even be linked to a different injury. Many people that have injuries on their lower limbs – in your legs, ankles, knees or hips and will now have a different posture: the wrong posture, where the body is trying to balance and correct itself whilst removing the pressure on your damaged part of your body, but using a different part of the body to counterbalance. This, in the long run, can create further damage in a different part of your body, like the lower back.
Another possible cause of your lower back problem is your type of job: if you spend a lot of time at a desk, you should really consider changing the position at your desk every 30 minutes. Many people say it’s enough to do it every 45 minutes, but you should consider alternating your body position while you work.
Work standing up at the desk, choose a desk that you can raise, and change your position often. Choose a chair with a high back and consider using feet and arm rests for support.
A lot of the time the position of your computer screen could contribute to you crouching over and extending your neck in an unsuitable, incorrect position, and that could put further pressure on your lower back. This makes the pain even worse.
Another aspect that people ignore about their posture that could make the back pain worse is the type of shoes they wear. Buy new shoes! The shoes need to have a wide fit for your feet, as this will give your body a better posture, the centre of gravity will be where it needs to be, in the centre. Also, a softer sole could be a lower impact for the joints while you’re walking. Many people that replace their old shoes change have registered less lower back pain.
Another thing you should look at if you have lower back pain is the way you sleep. The way you twist and turn in your bed, the softer the mattress, the more likely it is that your back is in the long position. Remember that your body recovers and your muscles relax for a third of the day in bed, so your position while sleeping and the quality of your bed is very important. You could really look at relaxing and correcting your body and fix your lower back and your posture while asleep. You should look at these particular products added in the video descriptions: cushions and pillows that will improve your bad back while you sleep.

Being tall is one of their most likely causes of low back pain four tall people, as all the objects that they use in their daily life, from their table where they eat, to the chairs they sit on, or the sink they use to brush their teeth, are all lower than for the average person. This means that whatever you do as a routine, tall people have to you have to bend down further, and whilst the best move is kneeling down gently, bending your knees, a lot of tall people don’t do it correctly.
Sometimes is very awkward to kneel, to bend your knees whilst you use a desk or sink or pick something up, and this really puts pressure on your lower back. It’s very likely that this could lead it to a slipped disc, to a worn spine, to lower back sharp acute pain that flares up every so often.

So, to recap the few useful things to do if you have back pain for longer than 2 weeks:
Number 1:
look at improving your posture in your back while you sleep. Sleep is the best doctor, and considering you’re spending a third of your life in bed, this is a very practical and easy way to correct your back. Look at these products to use in bed to relax your back while asleep and correct your lower back problem.