Chronic Pain Video

My Perfect Imperfection Journey with Chronic Pain

It’s time to talk about the pain. This is powerful for me, because I have been hiding the pain for years and years. I have been avoiding social events, avoiding work, avoiding connecting with people, avoiding living my life. I have shrunk down into only a fraction of who I used to be.

I have let the pain take my music, my work, my creative outlets, my excellence, my friends and family, my self-love, my confidence, my ability to be a full partner for my husband, my ability to “adult”…my identity.

And damn it, I’m taking all of those things back! I am not hiding anymore, I am not allowing the pain to run me. *I* am in control of my body and my mind and my life.

It’s an honor to share this with all of you.

And if you are experiencing something similar to my struggles, please know that you are not alone! Join my journey, see what I am doing, and allow yourself to be inspired and try something new. Don’t give up on yourself and your life. *I won’t give up on you*, and you can borrow my faith until you reconnect with your’s.