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Multimorbidity and Chronic Pain in Spinal Cord Injury QPRN | RQRD

The mission of the Pain Network is to contribute through basic, clinical, evaluative and epidemiological research to the improvement of the quality of life of Quebecers who suffer from chronic pain.

Multimorbidity denotes the coexistence of two or more chronic health conditions, and it presents a significant health challenge frequently observed in individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI). Chronic pain complicates over 50% of SCI cases, manifesting as nociceptive and/or neuropathic pain below, at, or above the level of the SCI. Post-SCI pain can be aggravated by concurrent physical and psychological comorbidities. Despite notable advancements in addressing comorbidities associated with SCI, the management of post-SCI pain through personalized, multidisciplinary approaches remains largely ineffective. The lack of effectiveness primarily arises from an insufficient comprehension of the fundamental mechanisms that link post-SCI multimorbidity and pain. To shed light on these mechanisms and pinpoint potential therapeutic targets for post-SCI pain, Dr Chan Gao developed a novel mouse model that combines SCI with musculotendinous injury (MTI). This SCI+MTI model replicates the multimorbidity frequently observed following SCI and is currently undergoing characterization for its pain-related behaviors.

Chan Gao, Ph.D Physician-scientist at McGill University, orthopedic surgeon

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