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Movement Expert Shares the One Secret to Getting Out of Chronic Pain

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Is your relationship with pain keeping you from feeling relief?

Vinny Crispino, founder of Pain Academy, joins the show and shares valuable insights derived from his transformative journey from overcoming a grueling back injury along with battling addiction during recovery and how it led him on the path to helping people get out of chronic pain.

Vinny also sheds light on the critical aspect of changing one’s relationship with pain to facilitate quicker healing. The discussion extends to injury-proofing the body for running, with insights into optimal fueling for performance and recovery.

The episode wraps with a deep dive into the methods that have proven effective in helping thousands liberate themselves from chronic pain through the innovative approach of Pain Academy.

Key Points:

– Going from an All-American swimmer to pursuing a career as a pro-Surfer
– Suffering a fractured T12 vertebrae and multiple herniations in his back while surfing
– Dealing with addiction to narcotics while recovering from the injury
– What to do when you hit rock bottom
– Maxing out credit cards to fund his recovery and still not seeing results
– Going back to school to learn how to heal his injuries
– Divine intervention led him to the person who would heal him
– How downregulation of the nervous system expedites the healing process
– Biggest mistake that people in corrective exercise make
– How to communicate better with your central nervous system for incredible results
– Changing your relationship with pain can help you heal quicker
– Learning to injury-proof his body after getting into running
– How to fuel for performance and recovery in running
– Overcoming mental, physical, and emotional hurdles to finish a 50-mile race
– How Pain Academy was born and their methods that have helped thousands of people get out of pain
– Vinny’s definition of Pure Ambition

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