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Listen in as I explore the holiday season and its effect on our stress and pain levels. I share insights on how our perspectives can shape our holiday experiences and even intensify or alleviate our discomfort. Throughout this discussion, I present a unique framework that can help us better appreciate the holidays and share practical steps to implement this perspective shift. Remember to take the Pain Archetype Response Assessment, which could be a critical tool in progressing your pain journey.

In the upcoming holiday season, I address the unavoidable stress and anxiety that many of us face. Learn how to break this cycle and rewrite our holiday narratives in a way that is intentional and fulfilling. We delve into Peter Sage’s three layers of consciousness and the significance of identifying which layer we are operating from. This episode also challenges us to recognize when we’re operating from a victim consciousness and offers ways to move beyond it. Finally, I invite you to envision your ideal holiday season and explore ways to cultivate that desired state.