Chronic Pain Video

Move Better After Chronic Pain

In this video Dr. Jake discusses how we alter our movement patterns when we are in pain and how once we are out of pain it is important to re-examine how we are moving in order to make sure it isn’t holding us back from making more progress. Below is more of what Dr. Jake has to say on movement patterns and chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Sucks.

It negatively affects nearly every aspect of our life.
Just sitting down and standing up is harder, washing dishes is harder, walking around the grocery store is harder.

Through these hard times we adjust our lives and how we move so that we are able to do the things that we have to do.

However, once out of pain many of these strategies and movements patterns aren’t helping us any more and are holding us back from making more progress.

If you’re someone who was in pain and is now feeling and moving better this is your reminder to pay attention to how you move. How many things did you have to alter in order to get around the world while you were in pain?

Are those movement strategies still benefitting you or is it time to look at these patterns and change them now that you’re feeling better?