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Most common cause of chronic orofacial pain (OFP) – Dr. Deepa Jayashankar| Doctors’ Circle

When we say chronic orofacial pain, most of these patient will be suffering for a long term and they do not where to go and what is the remedy because when we say orofacial pain, it is the pain in the oral and the facial region, sometimes extending to the back , also the back of the neck and the upper trapezius muscles and also sometimes the migraine associated with them. So when we say orofacial pain, as it goes chronic it is going to be chronic, atleast more than 3 months of time, and many a cases it is a non dental association of pain, that means the patient comes to us and the patient is relating the pain to the tooth and when we see the tooth infection in any of the tooth area either in the upper or the lower jaw, the patient still experiences and elicits pain. It can be a very agonizing situation for any patient suffering from this pain . So when we say different kinds of orofacial pain, it goes along the muscle and the bon, we call it as a musculoskeletal pain, it can be along the course of the nerve, then w e call it as a neuropathic pain, it can go along the vascular bundles and we call it as a neurovascular pain , or it can be any other inflammatory pain associated with that structure. So when w e say orofacial pain, it can be some pain behind the eyes, most of the time with patient s with migraine where they have associated headache, and they will be experiencing pain either in the temporomandibular joint or they will be eliciting pain in one of the teeth but when we see the oral cavity looks healthy or it can also be assorted with ringing in the ear or it can be pain in the throat or neck or the back of the neck and most of the times the patient has a sensation of a lump in the neck. So many at time s they don’t know whom to go to because the physicians don’t understand and they refer to the dentist o because most of the time they are eliciting pain in the tooth. So in Tooth Firm we diagnose many of such cases and try to give remedy for such patients suffering from chronic orofacial pain, and I would like to emphasize most of the times it is a non dental origin pain.

Dr. Deepa Jayashankar
Consultant Prosthodontist & Implantologist
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