Pain Management Video

Miracle Instant Pain Relief Acupuncture Pen

A continuation of the work with the electrical acupuncture meridian pen. Today I am going over the first few points on the hand and forearm for the Small Intestine Meridian. Use this to help you really feel the points and be able to locate them easier. The more you know HOW it feels the better you will be at locating and treating them. To answer a couple questions; it does not cure anything. It is a self treatment modality you may find beneficial for certain conditions as mentioned in the video, these are traditional uses of the points and not to be considered a cure, treatment, diagnosis or medical treatment. Use at your own risk and common sense.

The information in these videos are for education only, there is no intent to diagnose, treat or render an opinion. Any incidental diagrams, drawings, music, video, or other recording are used under the copyright fair use for education and or satire. Use your own brain, go see a qualified provider if there is any question…
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