Chronic Pain Video

Mila has #neckpain with back of shoulder and forearm pain – what’s it mean?

We have a saying @adhesionreleasemethods – “Everything needs to make sense.”

Every little piece of data someone in pain reports has to fit a pattern. If it doesn’t, the doctor needs to figure out why.

Mila has

1️⃣ lower right sided neck tightness
2️⃣ right side back of the shoulder pain
3️⃣ right back of forearm numbness and tingling

🔑 These symptoms are primarily worse with sitting or sleeping posture.

🧩 How do these puzzle pieces stick together?

1️⃣ Right C5- T1 degenerative disc OVERLOAD
2️⃣ C7-C8 sclerotome pattern (it’s called “referred pain”)
3️⃣ C6-C8 dermatome pattern

It’s wonder when a diagnostic thought process fits and makes sense.

Then, a skilled @adhesionreleasemethods specialist like the ones @barefootrehab can use a test hyper focused on those segments (rotation), provoke the symptom …

… TREAT the screaming out segments …

And finally re-test to see if those symptoms directly went away!

Sometimes, things don’t make sense.

That’s when we doctors go down the rabbit hole. It can sometimes take us days or months to figure things out.

But what’s how we walk the path of chronic pain mastery so we can continue to see more and more complex pain puzzles and fix them.

⭐️ Isn’t this what pain healthcare should be like?

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