Chronic Pain Video

Medical Gaslighting, Disability, and Chronic Pain with Activist and Author Kelly Mendenhall M.S.

In this episode of The Matt Feret Show, I interview Kelly Mendenhall, an author, artist, speaker, and advocate raising awareness about medical gaslighting and navigating life as a spine patient. Kelly shares her personal experience of dealing with chronic pain, medical gaslighting, and the challenges of finding the right medical care. She emphasizes the importance of advocating for oneself, being transparent with doctors about symptoms, and finding ways to make the world work for your body. Kelly also discusses the role of caregivers and the need for support and understanding in their journey. She highlights the complexities of the Social Security disability system and the importance of seeking legal assistance when applying for disability benefits.

01:09 – Introduction by Matt Feret
04:23 – Kelly Mendenhall’s Story with Disability
11:44 – Kelly Mendenhall on Defining and Discussing Medical Gaslighting
32:01 – Kelly Mendenhall’s Advice for the Newly Disabled
43:45 – Kelly Mendenhall’s Advice for Caregivers of Disabled Adults
55:23 – Kelly Mendenhall on Social Security Disability

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