Chronic Pain Video

MDT & Chronic Pain with Simon Simonsen

💭 ““For the majority, the pain level did not go down that much, but the negative impact that has on their lives decreased significantly“ – Simon Simonsen

👉🏻Our guest is Simon Simonsen, PT, Dip. MDT and Owner of Vejle Back Clinic. Simon graduated as a Physiotherapist in 1997, in Denmark. His main interest is in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy. He completed his Diploma in MDT in 2004 and became a Faculty Member of the McKenzie Institute Denmark in 2008 and at the McKenzie Institute International in 2010. Simon worked at the largest multidisciplinary pain clinic in
Denmark for many years. He used to see approximately 3500 patients per year, performing individual assessments and treatment as well as educating in pain management together with MDs, nurses, psychologists, and social workers. Currently, Simon works at his private clinic in his hometown of Vejle, seeing mainly back-related problems and chronic pain patients.

📚What will you learn:
▪️ Simon’s story and career
▪️ Chronic pain classification
▪️ MDT and the Chronic pain syndrome
▪️ Areas to incorporate in the chronic pain treatment
▪️ Upcoming MII Masterclass MDT and Chronic pain
▪️ Advice to clinicians wanting to expand their practices
▪️ How to become successful in Physical Therapy

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