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Looking for suggestions (meds)

This post originally appeared on Reddit: CRPS group.

Long story made short currently on lyrica (150mg am/200mg pm), Celebrex, tizanidine (4mg up to twice a day) and hydrocodone (7.5/325 acetaminophen, up to 4/day) and still struggling. Also use lidocaine patches. I also see a pain psych and do desensitization therapy. It’s ok, not great. Brings pain down to a 7/10 and would ideally like to hit a 5/10.

I already tried Butrans and belbuca – Butrans helped a little for about 5 days but stopped after that and I couldn’t tolerate the adhesive, belbuca was useless though. Also tried gabapentin, Tylenol 3, tons of anti inflammatories and various other meds. PT made it worse, various blocks and injections failed, insurance won’t cover ketamine and it’s spread full body (externally only thank god) so a spinal cord stimulator doesn’t make sense.

Anyways – anyone have any suggestions to float past my PM this week?

This post originally appeared on Reddit: CRPS group.