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LIVING WITH CHRONIC PAIN: HOW I DO IT #pain #chronicpain #backpain #backpainrelief #epidural

Chronic Pain. Many of us live with this daily… this video, I share what I am doing to get the best quality of life I can with Arachnoiditis/Back Pain/Muscle Spasms/Involuntary Movements, and Cramps..

Non Pharmacological Interventions that I use:

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Non Pharmacological Interventions:

This is the foldable cane that I use:

Non Pharmacological Interventions that I use:
Nutmeg Essential Oil:
Eucalyptus Essential Oil:
Sesame Oil:

AJNA Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set:

Rechargable Percussion Massager-

Information for Dr. Tennant:

Tennant Foundation
334 S. Glendora Ave.
West Covina, CA 91740-3043
Ph: 626-919-7476

Please view my other videos on Arachnoiditis for what I am learning along the way. Hopefully, it will help you, too!

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