Chronic Pain Video

Living Beyond Chronic Pain: Strategies for High Achievers

In this podcast episode titled ‘Masks Off for People Pleasers and Perfectionists,’ host Kim Gross and guest Dr. Anna Redmond discuss chronic pain management, specifically catering to high-achieving women. Dr. Redmond, a clinical psychologist specializing in chronic pain, shares her philosophy of giving people a life bigger than their pain rather than just fixing the pain. She emphasizes the connection between chronic pain and perfectionistic behaviors, explaining how focusing on values rather than pain can significantly improve one’s quality of life. Dr. Redmond and Kim Gross delve into the strategies of pacing, retraining one’s brain, and incorporating biofeedback, highlighting the importance of understanding one’s pain triggers and learning to live with a greater sense of value and fulfillment. Additionally, they touch on the role of the nervous system in chronic pain, the potential for recovery, and offer actionable advice for listeners struggling with chronic pain and perfectionism.

About Dr. Redmond:
Dr. Redmond is a trained clinical psychologist with specialties in health psychology, chronic pain management, and she is board certified in biofeedback. She has over a decade of experience listening to women, their chronic pain stories, and moving them down a path of recovery. Today, she comes to us as a chronic pain educator who has honed the most impactful education for women to view their pain through a new lens, change their behaviors, and reshape their lives to match what they really want. With education, she helps high achieving women reclaim joy, productivity and sustained productivity without being controlled by flare-ups.
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