Chronic Pain Video

Living Balanced with Chronic Pain Vlog EP 1

Join Liv on her journey to find answers as she manages the chronic pain that’s been her daily companion for more than twenty years. This series will chronicle the ups and downs of wrestling side effects of multiple chronic illness diagnoses, including searching for the cause of a failed surgery. In 2007, Liv was diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a heritable connective tissue disorder characterized by collagen degeneration and chronic pain. In 2019, she was diagnosed with chronic cluster headaches, and in 2020 had cranial surgery to repair a hole in her skull. 23 years into managing these conditions, Liv is more resilient and believes, in the face of chronic pain, the best option is to practice self-kindness and “keep going.”

Liv is an author, attorney, and teacher; she is a co-author in the upcoming “Deserts to Mountaintops” anthology by Jessica Buchanan, a New York Times bestselling author, releasing January 25, 2023 in paperback, and now available for preorder on Amazon. Liv’s chapter, titled “Adverse Possession,” recounts memorable moments on her journey and offers insights for those managing chronic pain.

Learn more about Liv, her research, and her life coaching program on Instagram @liv_balanced_llc ; or by contacting Liv at